Frequently asked questions

Questions that might interest you

Which services do you offer?

We offer the development of apps and websites. If you have any questions or wishes feel free to contact us.

When can you be contacted?

You can email us at any time. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

What's the cost for a website?

The price depends on the scope of your wishes. If you’d like to know more contact us and we’ll create a concept study together with a price proposal.

What is DevOps?

At its essence, DevOps is a culture, a movement, a philosophy.
It’s a firm handshake between development and operations that emphasizes a shift in mindset, better collaboration, and tighter integration. It unites agile, continuous delivery, automation, and much more, to help development and operations teams be more efficient, innovate faster, and deliver higher value to businesses and customers.

Article from Atlassian